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AKA Vocal Group

Travel back in time to celebrate the Songs of the Decades music of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s with the AKA Vocal Group. Do you like to remember the music of yesteryear and relive how music changed from one decade to another? Then you will love this dedicated collective of performers who make up AKA and just really love to sing and make music. Well, that is their official line. In reality, they are all self-declared “stage hogs” who enjoy their moment in the spotlight! Since its inception in the summer of 2000, AKA has performed music from a wide range of musical time periods. The group inevitably gets asked, “What does AKA stand for?” Well, the secret is out – it is basically what you might think: “also known as.”

Along with the Songs thru the Decades show, their repertoire also includes a Christmas show, a Valentine’s Day show, a Broadway show and a Patriotic show.